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[Ban Appeals] Howto
[LCS] Cruise Server Unban Format And Guide

This short guide is made to organize the way a ban appeal requests thread are constructed. Any thread made without the said format would not be reviewed. Please read it before creating a new thread.

Rules and common ban causes, and what you can appeal for
(full list of rules an be found at

Table of Contents
Section 1.Types of Bans
Section 2.Format
Section 3.Additional Staffs Information

Section 1.Types of Bans
  • JOOS / CPW Ban
Appeals for any kind related to this bans are deemed invalid because: The servers are set to issue a 3 minutes ban for JOOS. CPW is now a kick after recent modification by the devs
JOOS / CPW can be caused by:
>Tweaks and/or VOB modifications
>An irregularity within the game causing LFS to think it has spotted abnormality.
  • Bankruptcy Ban
This ban occurs if your total account reached equivalent or below €20,000
In general it would issue you a 3 days ban and an account reset. Staffs may granted you an appeal if a valid reasoning are given.
  • LCS Staffs Ban
Issued by any active staff members. This is the most severe rulebreaking punishment to any players.
The reasons, and not limited to, are:

Driving continuously on wrong (left) side of the road.
Drag racing after given warnings
Aggressive flaming/insulting
Continuous misuse of Cop/Rescue skin by a Civilian
Misuse of Cop/Rescue/LCS Tags
Exploiting LFS/InSim bugs
Disrupting a Police chase
Speaking in a foreign language (apart from English) on main chat after given warnings

Please note a kick may be given if the severity is deemed too low. And only then if it's gone to extremity one would be given a ban.

Section 2.format

Always provide evidence or footage. Remember to check your appeal frequently.
-- V V V --
(NAME YOUR THREAD : "<Username>'s Unban Appeal")

Unban Request/Appeal Format :

⟾ LFS Username (not nickname):
⟾ Time & Date of Incident

⟾ Replay / Screenshot Link:
⟾ Replay Timestamps (i.e when the incident occured):

⟾ Reasons you feel you should be unbanned: (Please fill out with an appropriate reasoning why you should be appealed)

Section 3.Additional Staffs Information

>Please update a cruiser's thread if and whenever there is a development (i.e Successful, Failed, In process, Unresolved). If an report is concluded, please rename or lock the thread.
>If there is a lack of evidence/footage, please ask him to provide such.
>The Cruiser has 48 hours to respond to any development of his report, such as "You need footage" or "Please state reasoning clearer" etc. Do remind him of this.

>Moderators and Admins should attend to any appeal swiftly. Update the appeal situation regularly. This is compulsory.

Written by
[LCS] (microspecv)
Commissioned by
[LCS] (comomillo)

LCS reserves the right to amend any information on this regulation issue without warning. The Admins and Moderators reserve all right to ignore and take appropriate actions every appeal if he needs to.
This document was created on 18th, November 2017
[Please update version if any sizable alteration to this document is made]
2.0.0 (18/11/2017)

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