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SteVixon | Unban Appeal
Unban Request/Appeal Format : Hello, I have been banned on the server for insulting. The situation occurred about a week ago or two weeks ago. At that time I was very nervous by two players who were unjustly following and intentionally disturbing me and my colleague in the game. I informed them that we do not like it but do not have to stop. I left the server then.

⟾ LFS Username (not nickname): SteVixon
⟾ Time & Date of Incident: 11.05.2020
⟾ Reasons you feel you should be unbanned: I apologize for my behavior. This will not happen again. I have a lot of free time now and I would like to play peacefully. I will add that I am from Poland, so sorry for the bad language 
The real problem is that you insulted me.I'm mod on LCS server and you insulted me for no reason.I'm sorry for you,but you can play on server after 15 days when you will be unbanned. Thread closed.

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