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Rotary Dryer
Brief introduction
Straw rotary dryer is a new type of agricultural drying equipment, widely used for drying corn stalks, soybean straw,cotton straw, wheat straw, sorghum stalk, ginkgo biloba, mulberry leaves and other agricultural cellulose materials.
Working principle
The wet straw enters the dryer through the pulverizer and the feed scraper conveyor.At the meantime, hot air enters through the hood. They run backwards in the same direction and are discharged from the tail, which is called a downstream drying process.
In the cylinder, the material is in full contact with the hot air for wet heat exchange. The double-layer paper-making board in the cylinder continuously draws the material and throws it off,so that the material is in full contact with the hot air, which promotes heat exchange and moves the material from front to back.
The dried slag after drying is discharged out of the drying rotary cylinder through the sealed type discharge scraper belt conveyor, and then manually packed, and the exhaust gas is discharged from the chimney into the atmosphere after being treated by the dust removing device.
The distiller's grains dryer is mainly composed of the heat-supply system,the feeding system, the drying system, the discharging system, the dust-collecting system, and the electronic control system.
1.Large precipitation and capacity.
2.High thermal efficiency,low energy consumption and strong adaptability.
3.High degree of mechanization,stable operation and easy operation.
4.Simple structure,few failures,low maintenance costs.
5.Automatic adjustment,good performance.
(kg/h)Water content of input
(%)Water content of output
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