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LCScruise - Rules
Welcome on [LCS] forum! 

On this forum you can meet our players and have discussions about different topics that may or may not regard [LCS].
Under here some rules. If you don't respect them this may lead to sanctions and/or bans.

- As on the server, the ONLY allowed language is ENGLISH.
- Do not advertise any thing/server that is not [LCS]. (This includes Private Messages on the forums)
- Mock and/or insult other sites, communities, companies or organizations and their users is not allowed.
- Multi account is NOT allowed. If you are banned, you are banned. End of story.
- Do not use the Forum for personal squabbles.
- Denigrate cultures, races, religions and/or lifestyles and make discriminatory comments of any kind is not allowed.
- Do not open discussions and/or write provocative messages (flame) and/or polemical towards third parties, including the Staff of LCS.
- Do not divert the main topic of discussion or write senseless messages (Spam and/or Off Topic).
- Publish pornography and/or child pornography is not allowed;
- Publishing or distributing copyrighted material unless you own the rights, as well as keygens, cracks etc is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
- Do not disseminate material containing viruses, malware, trojans and malicious code for the security and privacy of third parties.
- Only external allowed links are informative links, lawful downloads, etc..
- Please do not post videos and photos that do not fall into the public domain rules.
- It is not allowed to publish private conversations without the express consent of all parties involved.
- Use a correct and understandable language to everyone, no abbreviations in the form of text messages etc.
- Do not write messages using only upper case since in the web it is equivalent to scream.
- Change fonts, sizes and colors of the characters without this text prove defaced, illegible or in stark contrast to the overall look of the site.
- When you quote another user (quotas) it is good to select only the affected part of the message and not the entire message, especially if it is very long.
- Ensure that any attached images do not spoil the formatting and/or ruin the graphics, use the spoiler feature for these.
- Do not to overuse smilies, and use them only when you want to give a particular tone to the message.
- The usable in forum signature should not be longer than 5 lines of text in the standard sizes (12px / 13px) or consist of a single image, not animated, with a maximum size of 700 pixels wide by 150 pixels high for a up to 200KB or, finally, it can be composed of a maximum of 2 lines of text and a single standard size of 75 pixels of maximum image height and size of 100KB. Not respecting ones will be deleted. 

If you have any question send an email at, a pm on forum or just tell us on the server.

We hope this way the forum will be a welcoming and respectful community.

[LCS] Staff

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